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Free Transformice Accounts 2024 | Free Transformice Account

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Free Transformice PRO Accounts ( Last Updated April 17, 2024 )

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Free Transformice Accounts: Free Transformice Account

Transformice is one of the most popular games among the many games that can be played on the internet. The game is a platform game in which a mouse must carry food to other mice. The game is a competitive and entertaining game that many players can play at the same time. However, an account is required to play and the cost of this account comes out of players’ pockets.

So, we have excellent news for gamers looking for free Transformice accounts. You can get free accounts in the following ways.

How to Get Free Transformice Accounts?

  1. Forums: The official forums for the game Transformice can help you find free accounts shared by players. Additionally, accounts can be exchanged or sold between players in the forums.
  2. Online Download Sites: Many online download sites offer free Transformice accounts. However, one should be careful about the reliability of these sites because some sites may contain viruses.
  3. Social Media Groups: Social media groups created by fans of the Transformice game can help you find free accounts. You can also swap accounts between games in these groups.
  4. YouTube Channels: Many YouTube channels give free Transformice accounts. Besides this, these channels may offer videos and guides about the game.

Advantages of Free Transformice Accounts

  1. It’s Free: Free Transformice accounts ensure you don’t have to pay to play games. This is a perfect opportunity for gamers who want to play but cannot spare the money.
  2. Competition: Thanks to free accounts, you can compete with other players and enjoy the game.

Free Transformice PRO Account

People with shaman rats have some special powers and their job is to help other players. It first became popular on the market in 2015. The game, which has entered Google’s trends, has gained many active players in a short time and has managed to maintain its active player base despite the years.
Another nice feature of the game is the system to block afk people. The person who remains motionless for 30 seconds dies, and if he remains for 10 minutes, he is removed from the game. If the shaman mouse dies at the beginning of each round, the duration is reduced to 20 seconds.

Transformice’s Story

Transformice Free Accounts The game, published on May 1, 2010, was made and published by Ateller 801 company. The play, which did not achieve the desired performance in its first release, gradually gained an audience when it was shown in 2013. Later, when 2014 was released, thousands of players now knew and played Transformice Free Accounts. The main peak occurred in 2015.

The game, which is at the top of the Google trends list, was first developed with Adobe Flash Player and BoX2D. As the game played via the browser gained popularity, the production company moved the game to Steam.
While everything was going well for Transformice Free Accounts, one day all the files of the game were stolen and side games were created. The game built on PVP servers was forgotten after a while and gradually lost its mass. Despite these, the game still has a significant audience.

How to Play Transformice?

You can play the game on almost every platform through the browser, or you can download it as an apk and play it on your Android devices. After its release on Steam, it was possible to play the game in many areas. If you want to play in the browser, here are the things you need to do:

  • First of all, you need to go to the game’s website by clicking here.
  • After entering the site, a flash warning will appear in front of you. You must allow this
  • then you should say create an account and enter the necessary information,
  • You can then log in with the account you created,
  • After logging in, you can start the game by choosing a server.

If you want to play the game on Steam, you can go to the Steam address by clicking here. In addition, it is very easy to reach the administrators and the team involved in the game with the forum feature. You can easily communicate via the forum for any problems or errors you find.

Also, if you do not want to create an account for Transformice Free Accounts, you can access the game as a visitor. It is also possible to play the game without registration. You will also see that the game is completely in Turkish.

How to Use Transformice Store?

It is possible to purchase in-game money or real money from the Transformice Free Accounts store. You can also buy in-game money from this store, where you can buy many different clothes for your mouse. As a leader in each round, you can quickly increase the game money. It is also possible to buy strawberries with real money and shop without saving money.

What are Transformice PVP Servers? How Do I Participate?

Transformice Free Accounts ^ although it is a small and cute game, it was targeted by hackers and all game files were stolen. These game files soon spread on the internet and simplified games called PVP were released. The game’s cheat codes also came with it. Strawberry cheats have become possible.

The PVP server named MiceForce is known as the Transformice Free Accounts server with the most active players. Alternatively, you can play HugMice, ColdMice, AisMice and SuperMice. You can easily access and play on these servers over the Internet.

Transformice Command List

Another cute part of the game is the command list. The game allows us to see or do some features by typing some commands. These commands are as follows;
/ Change from room to room,
/ To see speck titles,
change speck title name to title,
/ ban player name to start voting to kick a player,
/ view profile, profile
, friends add friend
/ rank control sequence
dancing / dancing,
laughing / laughing,
crying / crying,
Send a kiss / kiss
/ tutorial for education and help.

What is Transformice Shaman?

We should talk in detail about shamanism, which is the system that confuses beginners the most. So if you’re new and can barely control your own mouse, becoming a shaman won’t be easy. So, the features of this system that you can learn in a short time are as follows;

  • If you press the Space key you will make the boards and boxes invisible,
  • If you press the B key, you make a board with a fixed common point and this board can spin like a wheel,
  • Make a stable board with V, but you must support it, you
  • You can add additional wood to the board fixed with C,
  • N With this you add a fixed board but it is motorized and moves very fast, you
  • can change route with Z and X.

Transformice Maps

There are many different maps in the game and these maps are divided into two: normal and difficult. Rewards also vary in the maps you can learn by mastering. You can also make your own map in the game. There are three map types in the game. These are as follows;

Very yellow Cheese Maps: So these maps are found in regular rooms and offer you classic quests. Buy the cheese and take it home. So if you’re new to the game, you should play here. You will have a hard time in other rooms.

Very purple Cheese Maps: These maps, which are not available in normal rooms, are only available in training camp rooms and are really difficult to play. Therefore, I do not recommend you to enter the game if you have just started.

Cross Marked Maps: Even harder than the purple cheese maps, these maps are the ultimate in the game. So the purpose of these Survivor rooms is to survive. So you must survive by running away from the shaman. I do not recommend new players to enter these maps.

Transformice Tribe (Clan) System

So Transformice Free Accounts game includes the guild system like other games. So you can establish this tribe by giving 500 cheese and invite other players. You can chat with them, see which rooms they are in, and perform the tasks given by the chairman mouse. So it is possible to make the game even more cute and beautiful by establishing your tribe house or joining a tribe.

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